The Journey of Creating Fine Art Photography Collections

Having been a photographer for a very long time and having shot many “nice” pictures I wanted something more challenging.  I studied film and video, and ten years later, started teaching it.  I developed a good understanding of operating a camera, dealing with composition, exposure and all manner of technical aspects.  There was no doubt in my mind that if I challenged myself I could create art with more depth and meaning beyond my quest for technical expertise.

I started my journey creating fine art images, still visually and aesthetically pleasing but now with added layers of meaning, complexity and depth.  After being obsessed for so long on the technical aspects it was difficult to move away from the glossy superficial work.  I had a mentor who guided me through the process of freeing up my inhibitions and letting go of my need for perfection.

I started by shooting what I could find and progressed to setting up and executing set-ups that I had envisioned.  The collection of fine art photography images started to grow, slowly.  Learning, growing and experimenting as I begin to develop my own personal aesthetic.  I began working on bodies of work with central themes which are now organized into these collections.

Biomes Gallery (10 Images)

A celebration of natural objects in a state of decay, which have become more beautiful as a result of their deterioration. Each found object represents a different biosphere populated with animal silhouettes. A scavenger hunt to absorb the viewer and distract you from the real world, even if only for a few blissful moments.

Futility Gallery (10 Images)

An exploration into the pointlessness of a short-lived life. Where death comes before any substantial achievement. No legacy and no one there to morn the passing. Discarded and forgotten except for a few images which document the empty husk which has exactly the same outward appearance as in life, but the part that is “you” has gone.

Botanicals Gallery (5 Images)

A shrine to the amazing inherent potential contained within seeds. Lovingly shot and reverently handled to celebrate the wonder that is seeds. Shot to accentuate the beauty and intricacy of the seeds and their wide range of shapes. Seeds contain a beautiful combination of organic and architectural elements, which makes them endlessly fascinating.

Personal Collection (7 images)

When ideas are conceived they work to take root and will not diminish willingly back into the darkness. They want to be born and will fight to get physically manifested. Here is a collection of those which won.

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