Kiaat seed

Pterocarpus angolensis (Kiaat)

I am very fond of Mpumalanga, I spent many vacations with my gran on her farm where she taught us about the trees and plants of the area. I grew very fond of the exotic seeds that can be found in that area. From very early in this project I knew I wanted to add the seed from a Kiaat tree into this series.

When I was invited to do give a photography workshop at Old Joe’s Kaia in Schoemanskloof, I went with a mission in mind, find a Kiaat seed. Upon arrival I interrogated the owners, Paul and Marian, on where the closest tree could be found. I had no idea if they had one or even if it was a good time of year to find seeds. I was in luck because a beautiful lone tree stands in the paddock on the walk to the river.

I was off like a shot down to the river in search of my treasure. The enclosure had cows in it at the time and they had trampled just about everything on the ground but after a short search I found a magnificent specimen. Carrying this back is no easy feat while trying not to break it or get poked. I protected it with toilet paper and Marian gave me an empty cat food box to transport it home in.

The birth of my son has been very disruptive to my photography, and life really, but I finally got round to shooting it, and the results have been well worth the wait.

Old joes kaia river

river below Old Joe’s Kaia

Kiaat tree

Kiaat tree in the field


Trampled Kiaat

cow trampled Kiaat seeds