Fine art Photo

Ceiba pentandra (Kapok)

While searching for the fluff which can be found in certain seed pods, I collected these pods from a car park. I had been searching for these for some time and waiting for the right season for them to mature. The cotton fibres were destined for my “ICE” image and so it was sitting in my office waiting to be shot. I spent a lot of time looking at it before tackling the shoot as I mulled over the end result. I decided to handle it much as I would a portrait shoot and thus the lighting and background were chosen.

The best side effect of this shoot is the amount I have learnt about Kapok trees. The research on my subject matter has broadened my appreciation on this magnificent tree. Should I ever need to build a life jacket I now know where to source a fluffy water repellent fibrous filling. It has also made me notice Kapok trees when I pass them and I see how many there are now.

I have grown many plants in my life and it occurred to me that I have never grown a tree from seed. I have planted these seeds and they are now doing very well in my garden.


Kapok flower


parkinglot Kapok


the Kapok’s spikey trunk