Jungle fine art photo



I once heard a man on TV try desperately to describe what the jungle is actually like from his experience of living in it for a short time.  He explained that he had come to understand the jungle to be one giant living breathing organism.  The jungle is more than the sum of its parts and is more intricate and diverse than we fathom.

I found this bundle of grass in the road and instantly knew it was a candidate for my collection.  The dense, intricate, tangled nature of it, and impenetrable dark centre, led this image to be a jungle theme.

While the jungle is full of life, it is for the most part small intricate and hidden.  What it lacks in big substantial animals it makes up for in diversity of creatures.  I have added a lot to the image but you have to work harder to find it.


the tuft from the road


jungle inspiration



The many, many hidden creatures