Air fine art photo


I really love the swirling cloud of swarming starlings and I wanted to recreate it photographically.  It is quite magical to watch the evolving patterns in the sky as they flock together just before they roost in the evening.  I wanted an image which would depict the sense of flow and movement even though it is a static medium.

With this in mind I went for a walk looking for a suitable feather.  What I discovered that day is that there is no shortage of feathers if you look for them.  I arrived home with a fistful of feathers, enough to build my own winged army.  I selected one with just the right amount of form and movement for my intentions.

Adding the bird silhouettes in a natural organic and flowing way was far harder than I anticipated.  It took me several attempts to achieve the look I wanted.  But eventually I had something which led your eye and had enough flow to satisfy me.  I am glad to say the image has been very well received so I feel it has been a success.

The intense blue colour came quite easily and naturally.  I tend to use bright, vibrant and saturated colours as they reflect my optimistic outlook but this time I wanted to share my love for nature in a none “preachy” way.


the park pathway


my treasure



the inspiration trigger